Save $100 on Hotel & Flight Booking at Orlando from Southwest

Among the airline companies that has been on business and survive the long economic downturns is Southwest Airlines. Among the best features of this company is there friendly crew and professional customer service team. They were also the first airline company who offered the cheapest air rate in southwest lines. They offer a well diversified services to cater to all their customers’ needs. That would include bookings for hotels and vacation packages. For example you can use these Southwest promo codes below to earn a $100 discount on your flight and hotel booking in Orlando. This promo will expire on midnight of April 7, 2011. Everyone can take advantage of the promo so long as the order is placed online. My next post will be on Southwest promo codes for booking and reservation of last minute vacation plans. So please stand by and wait for this updates. Enjoy the promo deal my dear friends.


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